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Advanced Threat Engagement

A-TIER (Advanced Threat Intelligence Engagement & Response) isn't just another security tool—it's an AI-powered predator that stalks cyber threats before they strike. This adaptive swarm learns, evolves, and outsmarts attackers in real-time, turning your network into a lethal trap for even the most sophisticated adversaries.



Major limitations in the AI state-of-the-art Mixture of Experts (MoE) approach forced us to invent a new way to orchestrate a “Symphony of Models”, we call it DGIM: Domain Specific General Intelligence Hypermodels.

AI Engine


Our Symphonic AI Engine uses Deep Reinforcement Learning and advanced planning algorithms to train purpose tuned LLMs to deploy synthetic infrastructure and data to lure, engage and manage attackers.

AI Cyber Range


Hypergame A-TEIR™ is an AI-powered cyber defense platform designed to counter high-velocity and stealth attacks by generating threat tailored decoys in real time.The Hypergame A-TEIR™ functions as the world’s first DGIM, optimized for asymmetric cyber operations by synthesizing constellations of sub-models to generate adaptive decoys to lure threats and capture high-quality intelligence, reporting and agents for cyber defense.

Threat Perception


Details coming soon.


Modern Asymmetric Defense

On a mission to dominate the cyber domain with intelligentized asymmetric defenses, to defeat high-end adversaries in inhuman ways.


APTs to the Status Quo

Phil Dursey, CEO & Founder
3x AI Co-Founder
Ex-Oxford CS
Ari Basen, CTO & Founder
Ex-AI Director
Ex-DoD/IC Cyber Warfare Planner

Getting Started

Waiting List

Initial use case focus is dynamic blue and red AI ranges, APT and insider threat detection and response and advanced threat hunt. Join our waiting list for early access and demos.

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